To my guests

Thursday, 19. January 2017 22:21

Today I got notified that – yet again – someone registered on my blog. While I feel honored, I am not quite sure what to say about registrations that happen on a blog that has been dormant for two years now. Plus, all of the registrations come from Poland, which, even though I have the utmost respect for Poland and loved every time I had the good fortune to visit, is a bit irritating.

So, you are indeed out there and are not some spambot in training, and if you indeed registered out of genuine interest in some of my postings, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment, I will be happy to reactivate your account. Until then, thanks, but no :)

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Cpt Obvious sends his regards

Thursday, 5. December 2013 0:44

So it shows, that privatisation is not a solution at all, in fact, it generally makes things worse, where monopolies are concerned. A study by the US NGO “In the Public Interest” details failings and catastrophies around a varierty of public private partnerships, privatisations and however else the sellout of public property is called in newspeak.

You can read about the reasons for the abject failure of privatisation schemes here, or you can proceed to amuse yourself with the gory details by reading the full report here.

Also: Yes, I am still here.

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The Missing Percentage

Tuesday, 6. November 2012 11:33

There has been much huffhuff about Romney`s money, his time at Bain capital and his taxes.

The scandalous thing is not, as John Steward pointed out, that government seems to be better at picking winners (8% vs. 22%) while investing – yes, 22% of the companys Bain invested in went bancrupt within eight years, vs. 8% of companies the White House invested in.

The scandal doesn’t lie in the fact that Bain fed itself from only a fraction of its high-risk investments, and that even 40% of those companies that led to stellar profits went bancrupt later. I can only assume that the higher rate of bancrupcies of companies that provided profits is part of the business model, i.e. they went broke precisely because they had to pay such large sums to their investors.

This seems to be the norm in this type of business environment, its just what these people do, because thats what they get paid for: Generating the highest return on investment for their investors. It is the whole branch of companies that work this way.

And of course maximising your gains while minimizing your losses naturally leads to a tax rate that would make any office worker blush. Again, a logical outcome of a system that enables the rich to evade those taxes normal mortals suffer – no acandal here, same happens in Russia, China and Saudi Arabia, amongst others.

So no, Romney just did what all venture capitalists do, because it is their job, because someone else will do it if they don’t, because money doesn’t stink, because hey, they had it coming.

And if you don’t like them, don’t vote for them.

The astonishing thing, and a disgrace to a nation that taught Germany democracy and the value of every single human being, is not the candidate with the sexapeal of a knife and the emotionality of a politburo veteran, its the sheer number of attempted or succesfull voter fraud that in sum cannot be said to be simple incompetence after 200 years of voting. In sum, they smack of a big, if uncoordindated, campaign.And even though the big media seems to pick this up slowly, nothing is going to change. Because all of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.

All in combination that one candidate is actually allowed to own companies that produce election machines. Machines, of course, that have been proved to be fallible and open to manipulation of all kinds of sorts. Makes it kinda easy.

I am not an American. I have been there several times, and I hope to maybe live there one day, because the US is a great country. The World, Europe, and Germany in particular owe the US so much. But since they set the standards by which we measure ourselves and others for so long, and since any change of power in the White House does have worldwide repercussions, I think I am entitled to make these remarks. Because we all profit from a democratic USA, but especially those of us who are not successful venture capitalists.

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Isn’t it ironic

Tuesday, 18. October 2011 17:09

They all have the data, they all know for a long time whats going wrong. Its not the first time, its not the second, and all of it has happened before. They are young, and angry, and for many a good reason. By now even the weirdest insults become to be found to be true.

But it still seems the role of old farts like me to remember (and go unheeded) that all these troubles have been here before, and have been analyzed and studied in detail, and have found resolution, and lament all those experiences that were forgotten, and have to be learned anew.

But this is not another round of the 18. Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, this is more of a hamster wheel of generations we’re in. And sad as it sounds, forgetting past failures and achievements is probably the best way to come round and get out on the streets. Which is where we we should be right now.



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Terms and Conditions

Thursday, 13. October 2011 15:37

So… Imagine someone is trying to make a business model from invading others peoiples privacy. Lets say they sell access to some of the gaziollion CCTV cameras ditributed all over Britain threse days, cause you know, if you have nothing to hide… And obviously people are interested in watching their neigbours and catch them while… well, whatever people do that might be worth catching them at.  And lets even go further and suggest that that might be a viable business model, charging people for watching surveillance cams in the hope of winning a jackpot of a whopping 1.000 Pounds.

Then, of course, you would want to protect at least the companys privacy – or that of its stakeholders, from all this Stasi mob you’ve just unleashed on your fellow countrymen, right? So you’d probably add somephrase like the following to your website:

You must not print, save, copy, modify, transmit or otherwise disclose or share any image or other information you view on our website with any other person, including a family member. In the unlikely event that you recognise a business customer of ours, or a person you know on camera, you agree not to communicate with that person or any other person at those premises.

Now that should make sure the company gets to decide which crimes actually end up at the police, right?

And of course, since we are already facilitating general nosiness around neigbours and public spaces, we can also abandon users privacy on the website, as well, right?

6. The personal information we disclose may include your Viewer ID and Viewer ID history, name, address, telephone number, alerts or anything else that we in our sole discretion deem relevant.

But of course that snippet we better put in some “Privacy Policy” Statement, thats even more difficult to find.

Of couse, all this has nothing to do with

Oups, I forgot:

You may not link any other site to our website.

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